FIRE 2016

Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation

ISI, Kolkata

7 - 10 December

Full Papers

  • Using Psychoacoustic Models for Sound Analysis in Music
    Tim Ziemer, Yi Yu and Suhua Tang

  • CSRS: A Context and Sequence Aware Recommendation System
    Rajiv Srivastava, Swapnil Hingmire, Girish Palshikar, Saheb Chaurasia and Arati Dixit

  • Assessing the Impact of Vocabulary Similarity on Multilingual Information Retrieval for Bantu Languages
    Catherine Chavula and Hussein Suleiman

Short Papers

  • Simurg: An Extendable Multilingual Corpus for Abstractive Single Document Summarization
    Pashutan Modaresi and Stefan Conrad

  • An Indic Language N-gram Viewer
    Shanta Phani, Shibamouli Lahiri, Arindam Biswas and Sudipta Dutta

  • Neural Classification of Linguistic Coherence using Long Short-Term Memories
    Pashutan Modaresi, Matthias Liebeck and Stefan Conrad

  • Commonality-Rarity Score Computation - A novel Feature Selection Technique using Extended Feature Space of ELM for Text Classification
    Rajendra Kumar Roul, Aditya Bhalla and Abhishek Srivastava